Another Step Closer

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This report was released on 11 April 2011

Speakers at the launch were by Chair, Prof. Peter Shergold, Mr. Rupert Myer, AM and Ms Virginia Haussegger

About Australia Forum

Australia's best future will be shaped through dialogue - and through facilities that are enabling, democratic and globally connected.

The very nature of conversation, dialogue and meeting practice is continuing to evolve and change in response to new forms of digitial communication and other advances in technology. Yet, the demand for face-to-face meetings continues to increase. Knowledge exchange is a key driver of social and economic development. New opportunities and challenges have also emerged for meaningful national conversation and  for enduring citizen engagement.

At the same time capital cities around the world are embracing the 21st century need for high quality secure venues catering for international dialogue, trade and significant events. These are important elements of national infrastructure and the positioning of capitals. Centres of this nature are also the learning hubs of the future. 

The Australia Forum project responds to these challenges. 

A world class meeting place will feature a high quality international centre of dialogue, capable of hosting meetings of the people of Australia as well as world leaders. Importantly, the Forum will have a reach far beyond the capital, linking with regional locations through a state of the art multi-hub network and associated multimedia services. The Forum would foster democratic dialogue - the participation of people in the big issues and conversations of the day. 

The time has come for a truly national forum - an asset for all Australians. It will be the Australia Forum.

The Australia Forum is a vision shared by a wide range of project partners and supporters. The project was initiated by Canberra Business Council with financial support of the ACT Government. After several years of research and project development a comprehensive scoping study and business case was commissioned in March 2010.  A group of Foundation Partners also contributed to the cost of the study. Other supporters include national institutions, industry, research, private sector and community organisations. The Australia Forum Scoping Study was completed in April 2011.